Weekly Photo Challenge – Work of Art

Große Kunst – Natur…

Meticulous Mick

This week’s photo challenge is ‚Work of Art‘.  Now thinking of a suitable response has been difficult for this one and alas I have not come up with anything outside the box this time.

Anyone following my blog for a while will know that I see nature as the biggest artist, it certainly has the largest of canvases. So this week’s offering is from County Donegal and more specifically Glenveigh National Park. A couple of images simply feature some lichen and red leaves painted on a solid blue sky. I then throw in a couple of shots of an Asian statue found in the Park’s gardens, before returning to nature and a view to the Lough from near the edge of the woods.

Hopefully you agree that these are all works of art in this world that we share. For full details of this week’s photo challenge please see Work…

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